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  • A wide range of Slipring assemblies for heavy motors ( capacity up to 6000 kW )

  • Collector assemblies for hydro generators of up to 350 MW capacity

  • Insulated bearing housings.

  • Insulated winding support assemblies.

  • Various types of low and high tension insulators ( Vacuum impregnated )

  • Flame proof Glass Epoxy insulators (500 MVA ,6.6 kv-11kv).

  • Terminal bushings (750 MVA 11 kv)

  • DMC (Dough Molding Compound), SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) components.

  •  Winding support ring/ Bracing rings.

  • High Voltage Resistant Insulated bolt, yoke Bolts, Core studs, Dowel Pins

  • Insulated core studs (3.5 meters to 6 meters long) for hydro generators

  • FRP laminates like Sheets, Air guides, Baffles, Junction Boxes, Catwalks, Angles, Channels, Checker Plates etc.

  • Phase Segregated Terminal Boxes / Auxiliary Terminal Boxes/ Trifurcating Boxes/ Main terminal boxes  (with all assy items produced in house i.e. : flexible insulated terminal connectors, terminal bushings, joint boxes, support insulators etc.).

  • CNC ( pole pad milling) operations. All type of light, medium, Fabrication & Machining.

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